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WordPress hit counter plugins are becoming a popular feature for the website and blog owners around the world. These WordPress hit counter tools provide the website and blog owners with valuable facts and statistics which help them in understanding the market trends and how to make improvements. The main function of hit counter is to provide the figure and critical facts of the visitors of a particular website or blog. The hit counters enable the website and blog owners to tailor their websites according to the trends of the visitors.

Who Hit The Page WordPress hit counter is a very simple-to-understand tool and once you start following the basic guidelines. You can get all the figures in no time. There are many WordPress hit counters available on the internet that come under the label of “free hit counter” but are completely useless and slow. Instead of providing with the accurate facts and figures, they can be a source of real headache for the website and blog owners.There are many factors which should be taken into consideration if you want to choose an efficient and useful hit counter. Instead of limiting itself to displaying a simple numerical figure ofvisits, it provides you with data like the duration of each visit, the country of the visitor and much more.

I’ve personally used various hit counter and in my opinion, one of the most useful and powerful hit counters available right now is Who Hit The Page Hit Counter. It has various useful features and provides the website or blog owner with some crucial information regarding their visitors. Its new version 1.4.2 has a much improved layout and can incorporate WordPress designs. New pages have been added for various purposes including summary of all the data, visitor details, denied IPs, export import, settings and help. All these features give it a highly customer friendly and attractive layout. The bug fixing features are much more enhanced.

Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter Version 4.2.2 Realesed

With version 4.2.2 of Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter, the website owners can now have a look on the additional data which make it a much more useful and superior hit counter plugin for WordPress. With this impressive plugin, the website owners and bloggers can get critical data like browsers used by the website visitors and the geographical location (country) of a visitor. Moreover much more information is made available to the site owners which makes it a unique and an amazing hit counter plugin. This information includes time and duration of each visit of every visitor. It enables you to relate a user to pages visited, IP address and browser used.All this data which is critical in devising a marketing strategy can be easily exported to a CSV file.

I found all these features to be quite useful and this makes Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter a much superior hit counter as compared to most of the others available in market. In my opinion, it is a must have plug-in and I highly recommend it to all my fellow blog and website owners.

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