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I offer full WordPress development and website maintenance services from WordPress setup to custom WordPress plugins and everything in between. If you don't need a custom theme or plugin, I do my best to find the best that will meet your needs. As a plus, if I have designed and developed your website, I can setup a WordPress blog for free if you need one.

WordPress Development

WordPress has grown to be one of the largest phenomena on the website development industry; I have taken it as part of my career to develop for WordPress. I develop custom WordPress themes and WordPress plugins from scratch, from blogs to high class content management systems and ecommerce solutions, all with the power of WordPress.

Websites Design

Website development is one of the most important projects for any company willing to be recognised. With the internet growing so rapidly, it is a wise decision to let me help you with your website development projects of any value and budget. A big plus is that I make a responsive design for all devices like feature & smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Website Maintenance

I offer WordPress website maintenance for a fixed monthly charge, this includes minor modifications of existing content, addition of new content, plugin and theme update as well as WordPress core updates. In the case of WordPress. Each month I dedicate a specific amount of time to your wordpress website. checking for bugs and updating the website. I also run security scans to free your website from malware.

eCommerce Development

I offer a complete eCommerce solution for all business types. This eCommerce system includes automatic billing and invoicing, full sales reports and a complete inventory management. I will also modify any or a new ecommerce website to convert it to a full multi-seller platform for shared revenue, as the site owner you can keep a certain percentage of every sale made via your website.

 About Me

About Me

I am 99% of what you need to grow your business online. I am a website designer, developer and marketer based in pietermaritzburg, a PHP applications developer, wordpress developer for both wordpress plugins and themes. And when I'm done with your website, I will host it, or help you find a web hosting company because thats what I do and I mean business.

I am aserious PHP Developer for WordPress plugins and themes. Build websites including simple one page website, wordpress blogs, big corporate websites, ecommerce website and ecommerce marketplaces. I do all of my work primarily using wordpress but I am verry open to other technologies as well.

If I were to handle your next project, I will handle it myself. So, there is no middle man or sales person who doesn't know the difference between a website and an email. When you need a website created, I do it, you need to add a few pages, I do it, you need support, I do it, you have to pay for the services offered, and that's me too. So there will never be shifted blame or communication breakdown. I do everything, so my clients always get first hand support, all the time.

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