WordPress Plugins Developer

WordPress Plugins Developer

Since WordPress was found in 2003 it has grown to be one of the largest phenomena on the website development industry. WordPress comes with basic website creation and content management functionality, sometimes and most often some features or functionality is desired by doesn’t come as a built in feature on the core of WordPress. That is when the need comes for a WordPress plugins developer. Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress by adding the features a site owner may need, this gives the website owner unlimited possibilities on the functionality of the website. For achieving the best features for your website, you need a professional wordpress plugins developer to build unique features for your website. Contact Me Today to get started.

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With time and the right WordPress plugins developer, a basic WordPress site can be turned into absolutely anything you can imagine; you can turn it to a social website like Facebook, a news publishing platform, a video or music directory, an auctions website, a property management and dealership website and even an online shop or ecommerce website with full online payments. With WordPress plugins development, you are only limited by your imagination.

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So, what do you want to achieve with your new WordPress website? Now that you know what you can do with a WordPress website, contact me now and let’s get started with that website or your own plugin development if you already have a WordPress website that lacks certain functionality you need.

WordPress Plugins I published

Multi Purpose Mail Form – This plugin allows you to create form for your website and display them in any page or post in your wordpress site using a simple short code. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugins repository. Get it here http://wordpress.org/plugins/multi-purpose-mail-form/

Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter – This is a hit counter plugin that allows you to track and count the visitors of your website. This plugin collects data such as the IP Address of the visitor, the number of time the visitor visited your website, the pages the visitor viewed on your website and also counts the total unique visitors on your site and the total number of hits per single page. Who Hit The Page hit counter also has a built in database to lookup the IP Address and see in which country does it belong, this helps you understand your visitors and know their locations. You can get Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter here or read more about it and see the documentation on its Official Website – Who Hit The Page WordPress Hit Counter