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About Lindeni Mahlalela

Lindeni Mahlalela is the proud author of Who Hit the Page  WordPress Hit Counter, Multi Purpose Mail Form and MiDiary, also a proud creator of various fine art drawings and a passionate Android fan; in his spare time you will find him Googling some more information on various topics – always knowledge hungry.

Lindeni matriculated in 2004 at Mdzabu High School and studied Information Systems and Technology at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He is very obsessed with computers and technology in a way that he can turn an Android phone, laptop, or PC into a Web Server. He is a serious PHP Developer for WordPress plugins and themes, in his spare time you will find him drawing or just retouching his digital photos with Photoshop and turning them into stunning photographs or wallpapers.

Self Taught. Motivated, Means Business.

I have trained myself to do a lot of things that may have taken a lot of time and money to learn from a tertiary institution. These include Graphics Design, jQuery, Android Development, Ubuntu Server setup and maintenance, hosting management and a load more skills, techniques, and strategies. I have a very big collection skill sets and software tools that help me accomplish a complex task in a matter of no comparable time – that’s because I mean business, always.

One Man Army! The Captain and the Crew.

If I were to handle your next project, I will handle it myself. So, there is no middle man or sales person who doesn’t know the difference between a website and an email. When you need a website created, I do it, you need to add a few pages, I do it, you need support, I do it, you have to pay for the services offered, and that’s me too. So there will never be messed invoices, unsatisfied customers, or communication breakdown. I do everything, so my clients always get first hand support, all the time.

Available Now! Hire Me Please!

Yes you got that right. I am available now, so you can email me or give me a call. Freelance – on my own place, part time at your place or mine, or full time. I’m available.

You can contact me as an independent client, a website development company that needs help finishing some projects to meet deadlines, or just to keep in touch with me, I may be useful in the future. Click to contact me now

Call: 084 9897 891

Let’s get over with that project, shall we.

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